Tie Your Sunrise Bliss T-shirt Hair Towel

Wondering how to wrap your hair with a Sunrise Bliss t-shirt hair towel? Don’t worry, tying a hair towel is easy, and there’s a technique for everyone. We have four helpful how-to videos from a simple twist to hair plopping.

1. The Simple Towel Twist

Learn the easiest way to wrap your hair with your Sunrise Bliss t-shirt hair towel. The lightweight towel still stays in place while you continue with your getting-ready routine.

2. The Top Knot

For the most secure way to tie your Sunrise Bliss towel, and to add some style to your post-shower look, try the top knot!

3. The Back Knot

The back knot is another fun hair wrap style to keep your Sunrise Bliss towel secure!

4. The Hair Plop

For those of you with curly hair, use the hair plop to help your curls look their best! This one is popular for those who like to sleep in their hair towel or for practicing the curly girl method.