Small T-Shirt Hair Towel

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Made from knit cotton, Sunrise Bliss towels help dry hair quickly, leaving you with less breakage, tangles, and frizz.

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Towel dry hair gently and improve its health with Sunrise Bliss organic cotton t-shirt hair towels. Made from knit cotton, not only does this soft, absorbent towel dry hair quickly, but it also leaves you with less breakage, tangles, and frizz, as its texture absorbs water without taking away moisture. This lightweight towel will stay in place and become the perfect partner for your everyday beauty routine.

The small Sunrise Bliss t-shirt hair towel measures 19″ x 35″ and works well for short and medium hair lengths (up to shoulder length) and young children. It is sized between a hand towel and bath towel.

Towels are made with 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) organic interlock knit cotton (as soft as your favorite t-shirt) and low impact dyes. Please note some colorways are printed on only one side.

Benefits of Sunrise Bliss Hair Towels
The soft and absorbent fabric reduces breakage, frizz and tangles when used to towel-dry hair compared to standard terrycloth towels. When wrapping your hair, it actually stays on your head without the extra bulky weight. Many Sunrise Bliss customers have noticed reduced dry-time, too!

Instructions for Hair Towel Use

  • “Blot and Squeeze” – blot excess water and gently squeeze your hair in sections with your new Sunrise Bliss towel.
  • “Wrap It Up” – wrap up your hair with your new Sunrise Bliss towel for 5-10 minutes, then comb your hair and style.

Care Tip
Wash towel before first use to increase absorption!

Other Uses for Hair Towels

  • Exercise Class, Gym (absorbent and stylish!)
  • Travel, Backpacking, Camping, Boating (compact and dries quickly!)
  • Chemo Support Gift (the soft fabric is gentle and smooth on skin for those with skin sensitivity, which is a common side effect of chemo treatments)

Size Guide
If you prefer a larger towel size, check out our listings for medium and large t-shirt hair towels, as described below:

  • Medium: 24″ x 40″ towel for all hair lengths and to tie it up or plop. This is the most popular size and what our models are wearing. Sized between a hand towel and bath towel.
  • Large: 31″ x 48″ towel for extra long hair or to use as a bath towel.

Gift Guide
Sunrise Bliss t-shirt hair towels make great gifts for women of all ages and hair types, and men with long hair, too! We are proud to be featured in many blog and print gift guides.

Pair one with at-home spa products to make a spa gift basket or care package.

Consider purchasing our large drawstring bag for a pretty and reusable bag! They are sized just right for small and medium Sunrise Bliss t-shirt hair towels and are made with our fabric scrap. Bonus: it will help qualify you for free shipping.

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