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Sunrise Bliss Bloggers Influencers Testimonials

Natalie of Sustainably Chic writes, “Exactly what my hair needed. One of my beauty musts!”

Keira of Style Me Fair writes, “I don’t know how I survived without it.”

Kelly of The Good Wear Blog writes, “I am now consistently reaching for one of these after showering…these towels are lightweight, comfortable and I highly recommend!”

Abigail of Eco Cult writes, “I honestly was not expecting to love it so much! It’s just as absorbent as a regular fluffy bath towel, but so much easier to maneuver while I get dressed or do chores around the house after my shower.”

Marissa of The Greener Girl writes, “[This] t-shirt towel is a game-changer…not only for the health of my hair and ease of use, but also because it decreases dry time. This towel is going everywhere with me!”

Olivia of Simply Liv & Co. writes, “It takes so much effort out of my hair-care routine. I can focus on other things like enjoying my coffee for just a few minutes longer.”

Tara of The Conscious Connoisseur writes, “These towels are a must for the mindful female traveler…Plus I LOVE how it cuts down on getting-ready time.”

Customer Feedback

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Sunrise Bliss Customer Feedback Testimonials

“These towels have saved my hair!”

“I’ve used one after every shower since they arrived and they are doing wonders on my hair.”

“Ok, so these are THE BEST thing to ever touch my hair. I’ve had mine for several months now and they are an every day part of my routine. Even my mom now uses one and she’s VERY particular about her hair routine. She has naturally curly and very frizzy, coarse hair and we got her HOOKED when she was up for a visit last. She borrowed one of ours and now has her own down in FL. I’ll never go back to using a regular towel. These towels dry my hair so well so that my blow dry time is minimal. It leaves my hair so soft, less frizzy and in such healthy shape! Really fast drying! And they’re so comfortable! I’m sold and 100% recommend the Sunrise Bliss towels!”

“Love this towel. It’s perfect for plopping. Long enough to tie around your head and not so thick that you can’t tie it. Like I said, it’s perfect! If you are a curly girl like me, you will love this towel.”

“What a cool product! The fabric is so soft. I love how I can wrap my hair in it like a towel but it didn’t tug or pull on my hair like a towel.”

“People! These towels are amazing! Awesome new towel to cut down on dry time for your hair! I tried them out today at the salon and was definitely impressed with how the towel does what it is supposed to do!”

“I love it! I use it every day. The size is perfect and it is so soft. It’s a new routine for me!”

“I can’t say enough good things. I have purchased three towels: one for myself, one as a gift, and one for my daughter who wouldn’t stop stealing mine. So much more comfortable than a terry towel for piling my hair up when I get out of the shower and less frizz in my end results. The towel I gifted is much loved and my daughter’s hair is less tangled.”

“These towels are great! I have super thick hair and a 3-month-old, so doing my hair proves to be tricky sometimes. I love how I can wrap up my wet hair for 10 or more minutes and it’s so manageable when I get around to it!”

“My towel is the most important part of my hair care process. It helps my curls stay frizz free and does not damage my hair. It is the perfect product for people with naturally curly or wavy hair. It washes up perfectly and has stayed brand new over months of use.”

“My daughter has very thick, bushy hair. This towel has been so terrific for keeping it under control and helping to maintain the frizz. What a wonderful product. Also, I recently underwent chemo and using my towel has been so soft and gentle on my growing hair.”

“I love how gentle this towel is on my hair! I use it everyday! Super cute prints as well!”

“I love this towel! My curly hair is so much more manageable after using this than a regular towel. I also love that it’s smaller than a regular towel size, so when you wrap your hair up to dry a bit in it it doesn’t come flopping off your head when you bend down to get something. Love it!”

“This towel is amazing. I have very fine and wavy hair. The first day I used it was one of my best hair days, received so many compliments for my naturally wavy hair, nothing special. A must have!”

“This unbelievably cute printed towel is my thick, unruly hair’s new bff. Not only do these organic cotton towels cut down on the drying time, they are much more gentle on your hair (standard bath towels are so harsh and damaging) and they are way easier on the neck. It makes getting ready faster and easier.”

“It’s roomy enough to blot and wrap. I will buy lots for unique but useful gifts.”

“My wife liked the first one so much she bought two more!”